Toys have always been an integral part of a child’s growth and development. What children play with hugely influences the way their thoughts are shaped and what kind of individuals they grow up to be. 

Toddler in Family ZUZU triangle is created, inspired by Emmi Pikler principles and pedagogy. With our ZUZU climbing triangle allow your child to move freely and develop, which is the right choice for giving kids complete freedom in understanding how legs and arms move, how to keep balance, how fast the reaction works. And these movements are very important not only for physical development, but also for alertness and attention. These are also the main skills that Emmi Pikler wanted to establish for all children around the world. Her core principles relied on an uninterrupted play, respect towards children, and naturally paced development.

What is a ZUZU Triangle?

You might recognize the ZUZU triangle as the implement that keeps kids busy at the Montessori, but what is it? How is it beneficial to your child? 

Simply put, a Pikler triangle is a climbing frame developed by Dr. Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian pediatrician. She is well known for her theories on educating infants, which she practiced in her orphanage. A Pikler triangle is designed to keep children engaged with their imagination. It is a source of physical and mental activity for children, bringing out their creative side while providing the physical exertion that you do not get from other toys. It brings outdoor activities to a fun, safe indoor space so that as parents, you do not have to worry about your child’s safety.  It is an excellent way for toddlers to learn to walk or hold on to things and get up. As children grow, their curiosity grows, which leads them to do impulsive things such as climbing tables and countertops. The ZUZU triangle diverts this energy onto itself, making an excellent playroom addition for your kids. 

Benefits of ZUZU Triangle

ZUZU triangle has numerous benefits that aid your child’s physical and mental growth. Here, we shall see the advantages of using a ZUZU triangle and how it provides better development for your toddler. 


Improves Gross Motor Development

Pikler triangle helps develop gross motor skills, which involves exercising and engaging the larger muscles, such as those in your legs, torso, and arms. From when the child learns to hold on to objects and walk to when they start climbing, the Pikler triangle is the perfect choice for developing and improving their motor development, which they can now do independently.Being left alone also gives children a sense of importance, assuring them that their parents trust them enough. This motivates the child to attempt to learn better and be more active, both physically and mentally. 


Develops Imaginative Play

With the ZUZU triangle, your little one can see themselves conquering Mount Everest or going on an adventurous quest, and this sort of imagination is necessary in a world where their teenage years could be overpowered by technology.How does this affect their future career prospects, you may ask. A highly imaginative kid dares to dream, and these dreams turn into goals in the long term run. When your child is role-playing as a police officer or a pilot, it is an insight into their ambition that needs to be developed. 


Raises Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is the knowledge or understanding of the surroundings and location of oneself and other objects. So, how exactly does a ZUZU triangle raise spatial awareness? At the age of 12 months, a child might simply crawl under the climbing frame, but eventually, they develop gross motor skills and hoist themselves up by holding on to the structure’s racks.This is possible due to their awareness of the object, slowly learning to use an item to their advantage. Similarly, when they learn to climb the triangle, their body responds to the various implements on the triangle and uses it to entertain themselves. 


Better Vestibular Stimulation

Vestibular stimulation is necessary to enable children to calm themselves and help them focus their attention. There are different activities to stimulate your vestibular system, including most playground activities such as swinging, sliding, using a merry-go-round, or jumping on a trampoline.Since it is difficult to provide children outdoors time every day, they must get similar stimulation even at home, instead of opting for a sedentary lifestyle. Using a ZUZU triangle provides the necessary vestibular stimulation required for healthy functioning. 


Encourages Proprioceptive Learning

Proptioception is another critical factor in growth and development. It is the response to stimuli by a person or an organism. The awareness that your feet are touching grass, mud, or thorns even when your eyes are closed is a result of proprioception. A proprioception deficit is indicated by lack of balance, uncoordinated movement, falls, or clumsiness.The climbing frame provided by a ZUZU triangle works similar to climbing a ladder. You cannot always look down when you climb down a ladder. You go one foot at a time, feeling for the next step. This persuades your body to be receptive to stimuli and pacing themselves for safe movement instead of moving too fast.It aids the child to coordinate their movement to climb up and down and down the structure successfully and improve their balance, to develop gross motor skills. 


Promotes Independence

The ZUZU triangle was developed to improve motor development in children, but it promotes far more than your child’s physical fitness. Independence is a quality that will do wonders for your child as they grow up. Raising your child to be an independent individual capable of taking care of their needs will significantly prepare them for their adult lives.Remember, each step is a preparation for their future. As a responsible parent, your success lies in raising your child to be a self-aware, independent individual.Utilizing the ZUZU triangle during playtime generates a sense in the children that lets them know that they need not depend on toys for entertainment and motivates them to use their creativity to develop scenarios. ZUZU triangle is excellent for  gaining balance for toddlers, thus aiding them to walk, climb, and learn independently. This sense of independence that you instill in children from a young age will be immensely useful to them in their life ahead. 




Help your child to develop their sense of touch

In order to do this the kid will need to be exposed to lots of different touch stimuli and experiences.  ZUZU triangle climbing rocks are an excellent way to achieve this. ZUZU climbing triangle provide as much variety of touch stimulation, and this is likely to improve their brain and mental development.



Supervision Is the Most Important Aspect of Keeping Your Child Safe on a ZUZU Triangle 

Once your toddler gets their first glimpse of a ZUZU triangle, it will be hard to get them away from it. And that’s a good thing because the very reason you want to get one is to have your kids use it as much as possible. The more they climb and use all those little muscles, the more they will improve their gross motor skills and overall physical literacy.But you need to be there for them. The first steps will be hard, so your support and help will be paramount. The level of supervision depends on your child’s age and skills. When your kid is younger and is just starting to familiarize themselves with the ZUZU triangle, you should be next to them whenever they are using it.When your kid gains more confidence and improves their motor skills and balance, they will probably do well without your help. Nevertheless, you should never leave a toddler unsupervised on a ZUZU triangle. They will gain more confidence.Being there for them is also a great time for bonding with your child and working together to overcome obstacles.But don’t forget that there is a difference between supervised play and being a helicopter parent. Don’t be the too much – give your kids room to explore on their own. This is how they will develop the skills they need for life. 

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