Mommy Dari says: 

 It’s an item greatly recommended by the Montessori child-centered philosophy because it supports the kid’s instinct to do things independently.

I’m a Montessori+Attachment parenting oriented mama I’m all about nature,organic things,less processed foods,art, mental and physical healthy life style,loving,nurturing,respectful,time investing,supporting and attached parenting.

I dreamed about this kitchen helper since the time my baby was able to stand on his own independently-9 months old (it feels like forever though🙄)

This wooden tool ✅TRANSFORMS INTO A TABLE & A CHAIR WITH ONE FLIP😱 (please see video) And came all the way from Europe that is close to my homeland country Russia

Most of the time I would cook and do everything with Vin on my arms,yeah imagine the hard work and tiredness🥵

lately it got a little easier since he was getting older but still he would come to me every 10 minutes so I can hold him for a little bit and let him help me😍

Unfortunately not everything we can get right away so I got this learning tower only now when he is 22 months old and the first thing i wanted to say is:


✅My @little_prince_ervin_joseph now able to brush his teeth without me catching him falling from a bar stool every second and not being able to brush my own teeth while he is there 🤣

✅Aye! He is cooking with me too(stay tuned for the video😘)

✅The child has a voice that has to be heard and respected.If a child is particularly interested in something,they can focus on that instead of being forced to do things they has no interest in and therefore probably won’t do well in anyway.So if a kiddo wants to be close to you and help you at the kitchen at the moment,you need to provide them a safe tool to do both things which is a learning tower.

✅Child’s mind is absorbent they learn all the time.We need to expose the child to different experiences and environments and allow them to build their understanding of the world which is much easier to do with this brilliant thing! 


Thank you very much Dari for this amazing article. 

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