If your toddler is anything like ours, you'll know that it's impossible to get anything done at the kitchen worktop without the little ones climbing and clinging to you. Well now they can be part of the action, thanks to the 

 Review: The Montessori ToddlerInFamily Learning Tower (lewisdutton.com) 

ToddlerInFamily Montessori Learning Tower Step Stool.If you haven't already watched the video above first hand, let me tell you:

  • Super high quality build and materials.
  • Easy to assemble (it took my 20 minutes to put together).
  • so ergonomic that the kids will have learned how to get up and onto it very quickly.
  • Safe: I couldn't believe how stable my daughter was with the restraining bar. Though of course, always ensure adequade supervision!
  • Lastly, the clip and hinge system means that the learning tower doubles up as a desk and chair combination for arts and crafts, snack time, and any other activities you can think of.

Kids just want to get involved and learn as much as possible, and join in with the action. This really lets them do that as kids find it easy to use, and having made the purchase myself, am more than happy to recommend both the product, and the ToddlerInFamily store at Etsy.I bought this in December 2020, with retail price at the time being 199 EUR + Postage with FedEx. For a limited time, the step stool is available with a 10% discount and free shipping - meaning a total of 179 EUR. If you're interested, take the chance now while it's at this special price.Check out their other items for more great ideas! Their other products include a climbing triangle, a clothing rack, and changing table.